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Top 10 Best Camping and RV Generator

When it comes to having fun with your friends and family, there is nothing compared to camping. This, one of the most exciting outdoor activities, has all elements of bringing you out from the monotony of routine life.

But to get the most out of your camping or RV trips, there are some essentials that you must carry with you. A camping generator is one of those necessary items.

However, there is a difference between carrying any generator and a camping and RV generator for your specific camping needs.

To buy a camping generator, you have an option to conduct an extensive study of many different types of generators available in the market.

The other option is to refer to the expert’s review of shortlisted camping & RV generators and select the one that suits your requirements. It is much simpler as you only have to choose among the very few generators.

The other benefit of this option is that the shortlisted generators are selected based on their respective features, pros, cons, and broad customer feedback. Therefore, you do not need to be worried about the generator’s performance that you finally select.

Many reviews also offer some important inputs like working on the generator and buying guide. This information also greatly helps you assess your exact requirements and then select based on your assessment.

So, if you also want to go with the second option, we suggest you read through this article until the end and select the most suitable camping and RV generator for your purpose.

Top 10 Best Generators For Camping and RV

1. Yamaha EF2400iSHC Gas Powered Portable InverterYamaha EF2400iSHC Gas Powered Portable Inverter

The longer-lasting Yamaha Engines are a class apart. And when you have a camping and RV generator equipped with this engine, you can rest assured of the equipment’s powerful performance.

This is the biggest USP of Yamaha EF2400iSHC. And you cannot ignore this big plus in a generator because it is an investment you will not make so often. And hence you would want your high-performing generator to be your companion for a long time.

If your camping companion can also supply great power outputs, what more can you ask for? Yes, with 2000 watts of running output capacity and 2400 watts of surge load capacity, Yamaha EF2400iSHC can cater to all your needs during your adventure trips.


  • Highly powerful Yamaha engine
  • Longer lasting
  • Quiet operation
  • High fuel efficiency
  • High portability


  • A little on the higher price range


If the performance’s reliability for a long duration is your priority for a quiet and portable camping generator, Yamaha EF2400iSHC is one of your best bets.

2. Champion Power Equipment 100263Champion Power Equipment 100263 Portable generator

Ignore, if you can, the highly powerful Champion engine… but at your own risk of missing out on one of the most reliable generator sets.

You cannot. And if you could somehow ignore it, the dual-fuel capability would bring your attention back to Champion Power Equipment 100263.

Yes, the generator can run on gas as well as propane. And that is not a small plus for a camping enthusiast as you have very high chances of availability of at least one of the two fuels.

The 3100 watts of running output and 3400 watts of surge output make it versatile to be used other than camping Gensets. You can use it to run many of your high-power home appliances like a 15,000 BTU AC.


  • Powerful Champion engine
  • Very high power capacity
  • Dual fuel
  • RV ready
  • Quiet operation
  • Portable with in-built wheels


  • Remote start is not possible


If you want a high-performing, powerful camping Genset that is dual-fuel capable and RV ready, you do not need to look beyond Champion Power Equipment 100263.

3. WEN 56200i Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator

WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator

Being lightweight and compact size WEN 56200i offers a high level of portability. At 51 Additionally, it is one of the quietest models available in the category, making it highly useful for camping & RV purposes.

WEN 56200i has a 2000-watt eco-mode that helps it make a highly fuel-efficient generator. The unit also is RV-ready.

Besides, the power supply quality is stable, with a THD value of less than 0.3%. Pure sin-wave ensures the safety of sensitive electronic appliances.


  • Highly portable
  • Quiet running
  • Highly fuel economy
  • RV ready
  • Low THD


  • Filling the fuel tank is a little tricky


A quiet and portable machine, WEN 56200i, makes a perfect choice for a camping & RV generator for those who also want high fuel efficiency and a clean power supply for their appliances.

4. Generac 7117 GP2200i Portable Inverter GeneratorGenerac 7117 GP2200i 2200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

GP2200i is a high-performing generator with running and surge output capacities of 1600 watts and 2200 watts.

Perfect for boating and camping activities, this Genset can provide continuous supply for 10 long hours at 25% load.

The generator does not have many fancy features, but this does not make it any less useful than the other fancy-filled features. Yes, simple power equipment, for sure, provides a cost-effective option for your power requirements.


  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to operate
  • Single-button control
  • LED alerts


  • It can’t run for long periods on full load


If you are looking for a simple generator set with good performance, Generac 7117 GP2200i will fulfill all your camping requirements easily and conveniently.

5. WEN 56125i Super Quiet 1250-Watt Portable GeneratorWEN 56125i Super Quiet 1250-Watt Portable Generator

If you want a clean power generator that does not make noise while producing enough power to fulfill all your camping needs, WEN 56125i offers you its unconditional services.

A 60 cc OHV engine can generate 1000 watts as the running output and 1250 as the surge output.

The EPA III and CARB compliant generator is an eco-friendly machine, one of the quietest Gensets in the offering.


  • Super-quiet
  • Inverter type
  • High fuel efficiency
  • EPA and CARB compliant
  • Convenient handle


  • Not as compact as many others in the category


WEN 56125i offers a super-quiet, eco-friendly Genset, making it a highly recommendable generator for camping & RV purposes.

6. Rainier R2200i Super Quiet Portable Power StationRainier R2200i Super Quiet Portable Power Station Outdoor Inverter Generator

Rainier R2200i is one of the most user-friendly generators available in the category. The unit is fitted with easy-to-locate and simple-to-operate control functions with easy-to-follow instructions to run the generator.

The highly efficient generator can run continuously for a whopping 13 hours with a fuel tank capacity of 1.3 gallons.

The generator can supply a pure power supply with a maximum running output of 1800 watts.


  • Highly fuel-efficient
  • Smooth starting
  • User-friendly operation
  • Easy to locate and operate functions
  • Can run for a long continuous duration


  • Lacks Electric Start option


If fuel economy is your top priority for a user-friendly camping generator, Rainier R2200i is just perfect for your purpose.

7. Westinghouse iGen1200 Quiet Portable GeneratorWestinghouse iGen1200 Quiet Portable Generator

The three straight features make Westinghouse iGen1200 the favorite Genset of many camping enthusiasts.

One is the ultra-quiet operation- producing as low as 52 dBA noise while running.

Two, 9 hours of continuous running with a fuel tank capacity of 0.8 Gallons.

Three, super-pure sine-wave power supply having less than 0.3% THD.

If that is not enough, the parallel-ready Genset can be operated with other similar Westinghouse models further to enhance the overall output beyond the rated 1000 watts.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Very low THD
  • Super-quiet operation
  • Parallel-ready
  • Highly fuel-efficient


  • The parallel cord is not a part of the mainstream equipment


The quiet and efficient Genset offers a good quality power supply keeping your sensitive appliance safe while camping outdoors.

8. Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 Inverter Generator with LCDBriggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 Inverter Generator with LCD

With 2600 watts running output and 3000 watts starting output, Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 is capable of fulfilling all your camping & RV needs.

With a 58 dB noise level, it is one of the quieter options in the category. In addition, the RV-ready unit has an LCD that provides highly useful inputs on the generator’s power.

Besides, it also displays the running hours to facilitate the machine’s timely maintenance, including alerts for changing oil, filter, and sparkplug, among other components.


  • High power output capacity
  • Parallel ready
  • Highly functional LCD
  • High fuel-efficient
  • RV ready


  • Not so quiet at full load


An easily maneuverable Genset with a highly functional LCD makes it highly maintenance-friendly, thus adding to its already high-performance level.

9. Pulsar G2319N Gas-Powered Portable GeneratorPulsar G2319N Gas-powered Portable Generator

The lightweight machine is ideal for camping and other outdoor activities. In addition, you can charge several devices at a time while traveling.

The 2300 peak watt and 1800 watts running capacity are good enough to supply all your essential appliances.

You can further increase the output by connecting a similar model Genset with this parallel-ready equipment.


  • Highly cost-effective
  • High reliability
  • Longer lasting
  • Parallel ready
  • Compact size


  • Maintenance is not easy


This highly cost-effective model is a reliable option while camping in the most uncertain conditions.

10. Champion Power Equipment 46596 Portable Generator

Champion Power Equipment 46596 Portable Generator

With Champion engines, you do not need to look beyond the powerful performance of the generator. However, you can’t stop looking at some of the most lucrative features in 46596 Genset.

With a running capacity of 3500 watts and a starting output of 4000 watts, it would keep most of your appliances in running mode for longer.

With the rough and tough use during adventurous trips like camping, a strong and rugged steel frame offer just the right strength needed in a camping Genset. Besides, it adds to the durability of this already longer-lasting machine.


  • High portability
  • Cost-effective
  • RV-ready
  • Easy cold-weather starting
  • Powerful Champion engine
  • High durability


  • Unit is not a CARB complaint


If you search for an all-powerful, rugged, and durable camping generator, you do not need to look beyond Champion Power Equipment 46596.

Camping And RV Generator Buying guide

Now, with a list of the top 10 best camping and RV generators before you with their respective features, it wouldn’t be easy to shortlist 2 or 3 among them as the top suitable options for you.

The question now is how to select that final one. So, again, we suggest educating yourself about some essential factors that may affect your buying decision.

And here, we present the correct information to help you make that vital decision before clicking the order button.

Conventional Vs. Inverter Generators

Conventional Vs. Inverter Generators

The basic difference between the Conventional and the Inverter Generators is in the purity of the power supply.

An inverter generator provides pure-sine wave power with minimum distortion limiting it to a THD level of less than 0.3%.

This is a highly desirable property to keep your sensitive electronic appliances from damage caused by the distorted power supply.

From the safety point of view, preferring an Inverter generator over a Conventional one would be a better option for camping or RV activities.

Fuel Type

The selection of fuel type would depend on your intended use of the generator.

Different fuel types offer different advantages. You can choose the fuel type based on your specific requirements.

For instance, diesel provides very high fuel efficiency compared to other fuels. Besides, these sets are easy to operate and do not require complex maintenance.

On the other hand, gas is easily obtainable and, in most cases, cheaper than other fuels. However, it has a concise shelf life, unlike Propane, which has an almost eternal shelf life.

Propane generators also offer a quiet operation almost comparable to the solar generators, which are the best in the quiet Gensets category.

With no fumes and almost no running cost, solar generators offer a perfect option.

But suppose the round-the-year fuel availability has to be considered the major factor. In that case, solar generators are placed at the lowest of the rung due to the changing weather conditions.

The dual-fuel generators would win the race by ensuring the availability of at least one of the fuels most of the time.

Noise Level

Higher noise levels can be real distracters. So, if you can’t hold a conversation while camping just because of the high sounds produced by your generator, then there is no fun camping outdoors.

It, therefore, is one of the major criteria for selecting a generator. A less than 60 dB noise level comes under the category of the low noise-producing generator.

Apart from the generator’s noise levels, you can also reduce its impact by keeping the generator in an enclosed area or away from your location and your neighbor’s working zone.

Portability. Is it a Compact?

compact camping generator

Its ease defines the portability of a generator in moving from one place to the other. Lightweight and compact size are generally the two basic properties of a portable generator. Besides, the convenient and ergonomic design of the handle further improves its portability.

Its power rating determines the size, weight, and thus the portability of a generator. More the power rating, bulkier, and less portable would be the generator.

However, manufacturers can provide portability to even heavier and bulky generators by providing wheels and telescopic handles to them, as Briggs & Stratton did to its P3000 generator.


The duration a generator can run continuously on a specific load condition is defined as its run time. The run time would depend on two major factors. One is the fuel tank size and the generator’s fuel efficiency.

Most camping & RV generators run from 8 to 24 hours on load conditions like ¼, ½, or full load.

Very rarely do we come across a generator having a run time exceeding 2-3 days. However, these generators would be bulky and heavier due to the large tank size than their low runtime counterparts.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is an essential factor that determines the running cost of a generator. The higher the efficiency lower would be the running cost.

High-performing, fuel-efficient generators have the system to adjust their speed with the load. This way, it can reduce the fuel supply during the under-load conditions and operate on full-throttle mode only during the entire load, thereby providing higher fuel efficiency.

How To Prepare And Maintain Generator For Your Travels?

How To Prepare And Maintain Generator For Your Travels?

Maintaining any equipment is essential to ensure its proper functioning. Camping generators are no exception to it. Your entire camping enthusiasm can vanish in a second if you find your generator stop running.

Most generator manufacturers provide a detailed maintenance manual. They provide a systematic maintenance schedule according to the generator’s run time. You must ensure that you follow the maintenance schedule per the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines.

Generations have different maintenance requirements depending on technological advancement, fuel type, and other factors. However, some general maintenance requirements are required in almost all generators for camping.

Maintenance activities may include cleaning, general inspection, and changing spare parts at a predefined frequency or observed as consumed or damaged.

For instance, you may be required to inspect mechanical parts like the loosening of nuts & bolts, working of bearings and rollers, etc. In addition, you may need to oil some parts properly to avoid wear and tear on the overall machinery.

Some of the general maintenance activities that genuinely require your attention are:

Fuel Cleaning

Diesel degrades rapidly. If not operated for more than a week, the stagnant diesel can react with moisture and microbial air to clog the fuel lines and filters.

This clogging can seriously damage the internal mechanism of your generator. Thus, fuel cleaning becomes essential in maintaining the generator’s high performance.

Cooling System Introspection

Inspecting your cooling system’s proper working at regular intervals by checking the coolant level is a good practice to stay on the safer side. But remember to do it only with the unit is switched off condition.

Checking Battery Power

A sufficiently charged robust battery supplies consistent power. Checking its proper functioning avoids damage to your appliance and enhances your generator’s performance.

How To Connect a Generator To Your RV?

Connecting a generator with your RV is easy as pie. Just follow the four simple steps and go ahead.

  1. Put the grounding rod of the portable generator at the desired location.
  2. Connect this rod with the generator using a sufficiently long copper wire.
  3. Ensure that the generator’s exhaust is placed far from your RV.
  4. Plug in the suitable connection cable of your RV to the portable generator firmly.
    Now turn it on! Your generator has been successfully connected to the RV.

What Size Generator Do I Need For My Camper?

Different generators have different sizes, and they, in turn, provide different amounts of power. Therefore, the suitability of the size of a generator depends directly on the size and requirement of the area it is used for.

Sites like football grounds, farms, stadiums, etc., require a larger generator. In such cases, generators must supply power to heavier appliances like night vision lights, motors, pumps, etc. Thus, they need to have higher power ratings.

Now, in the case of campers, the nature of usage is the factor that governs the size of the generator. Some campers prioritize the generators’ compact size, while some go for more power.

However, since portability is one of the major factors, larger sizes are not that suitable. To analyze your requirements, calculate the general wattage ratings of the appliances you will take while camping.

This way, you can accurately assess your needs without compromising the portability of the generators.

Final Thoughts

Alright! So this is everything you need to know about Camping and RV Generators before purchasing a perfectly suitable Genset for yourself.

This article first set the Top 10 Best Camping and RV Generators on the block.

Secondly, we kept in front of you; all the primary criteria you need to consider purchasing the ideal generator.

At last, we answered some of your most likely to raise questions in a detailed manner.

We hope this can help you decide on the best generator for your purpose.


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