As a construction worker, you know how this hidden piece of stitched cloth can either provide you tremendous comfort or cause a lot of discomfort during your work. Too tight or too loose an underwear can divert your attention from your work. Similarly, too much sweating can soak your underwear and subsequently lead to itching, rashes, and so on.

Therefore, it is essential to get a good quality pair of perfect fit underwear that can offer you absolute comfort and allow you to concentrate on your work.

The good news is that it isn’t too difficult to select the best one for your purpose if you know the most top-rated underwear available in the market. And in this article, we are reviewing the best men’s underwear that will provide you the best of comfort at your workplace.

Choosing the Best Underwear for Men for Work

We broadly realize the type of underwear that offers us comfort, yet we do not have an objective viewpoint on the best quality, perfect fit underwear. And for this reason, we often end up buying a bad quality or a poor fit undergarment. If we know precisely what features we want in underwear, we will buy the right one every time.

The first and foremost quality of good underwear is to provide proper support and safety for our private parts. Second, it should be able to absorb sweat and prevent odor. Besides, it should avoid itching, irritation, and infections due to sweat build up.

The perfect fit underwear should offer convenience for the whole day. It should avoid wedgies and ride-ups. Besides, it should have a good appearance.

We will review the top 6 best boxers, followed by the top 5 best briefs for men for work. You will surely find the most suitable for yourself, irrespective of your nature of the job.

The Best Boxers for Men for Work

Many different types of boxers for men are available today in various styles and fittings. The boxers have a looser fit as compared to the briefs and therefore offer better air circulation. The high dissipation because of better circulation keeps the testes cooler. So, apart from being more comfortable, boxers also help in increasing male fertility. Some of the boxers are so comfortable that you can use them as sleepwear as well.

Top 6 Best Boxers for Men for Work

1. FITEXTREME Men’s Breathable Performance Stretch Boxer Briefs FITEXTREME Men’s Breathable Performance Stretch Boxer Briefs 

The FITEXTREME Men’s Breathable Performance Stretch Boxer is the perfect underwear for the workers. The mesh fabric used in manufacturing the undergarment gives a cool and comfortable feeling.

Besides, the moisture-wicking properties do not allow generating too much sweat in the groin area. The super-fast drying provided by the Maxcool material prevents sweat build up. Coupled with high breathability, the underwear offers super protection from the after-effects of sweat and heat.

It prevents bacterial growth in the area and, in turn, protects you from bad odor, infections, itching, skin irritation, and so on. Besides, by not allowing heat to accumulate inside, the underwear prevents your fertility from diminishing.

Moreover, the mesh design with a 4-way stretch offers you free and convenient movement while avoiding rubbing and chafing. You can comfortably wear it for the whole day without any restriction and inconvenience.


  • Moisture-wicking properties
  • Excellent breathability
  • Fast drying
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Cool, convenient and stylish


  • Size consistency not perfect


Excellent moisture-wicking, high breathability, and 4-way stretch design offer super comfort, convenience, and freedom of movement during day long-wearing.

2. Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear Body Modal Boxer Briefs Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear Body Modal Boxer Briefs 

Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear Body Modal Boxer is a perfect combination of sophistication and durability. This makes it useful for multiple occasions. The blend of Nylon and Elastane in 69:31 ratios provides extreme comfort and convenience.

The boxer has a pouch front closure that offers it a very convenient fit. Besides, the pull on closure adds to the convenience of wearing. The boxer is 90% modal fabric mixed with 10 % Lycra spandex.

The underwear is suitable for machine wash. However, you should wash it cool without using any bleach. You can dry the undergarment in the tumble or by simply laying on a flat surface to let it dry naturally. The manufacturer does not recommend dry cleaning of the underwear.


  • Highly sophisticated yet durable
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Soft & stretchy
  • Multiple colors
  • Stylish


  • A little pricey


The blend of high-quality fabrics and extremely comfortable design makes Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear Body Modal Boxer a perfect choice for the workers who do not want to compromise on the sophistication and the durability of the underwear.

3. UnderGents Men’s Boxer Brief Underwear UnderGents Men’s Boxer Brief Underwear 

The UnderGents CloudSoft underwear is a superior quality boxer brief that offers uncompromising comfort of wearing for a long duration. Underwears with synthetic fabric trap heat and thus lead to a lot of sweating. Further, they do not have good moisture-wicking properties that cause sweat to build up inside the garment.

However, the fabric used in making UnderGents offers superior heat dissipation properties along with a high level of breathability. Together with the fabric’s moisture-wicking properties, the underwear provides the ultimate feeling of comfort with no sticky sweat or bad odor. The fabric further gives excellent stretch to allow you free movements to perform any activities during your work-time.

The UnderGents boxers are designed with multi-panels to offer you the perfect fitting. The modern design replicates your moves and thus offers you a hassle-free, comfortable experience. The seam-less seat avoids the discomfort of wedgies and stitches in the area. Besides, the contoured pouch design ensures that you get adequate support to your privates for the whole day.


  • High moisture-wicking ability
  • Super breathability
  • Comfortable front pouch design
  • Seam-less seat design
  • Superior heat dissipation


  • No front opening


A superior quality CloudSoft modal fabric takes the quality of UnderGents Men’s Boxer to an altogether different level. You will feel the difference only when you wear them… and you will feel it for sure!

4. David Archy Men’s 4 Pack Underwear MicroModal Trunks with Fly David Archy Men’s 4 Pack Underwear MicroModal Trunks with Fly 

The David Archy Men’s Underwear is a highly comfortable boxer. The MicroModal material used in making the underwear offers superior sweat-wicking properties. The breathable panel allows adequate air circulation inside the boxer and does not let stinky sweat accumulate around your private parts. This saves you from making the embarrassing adjustments you have to make due to sticky inside your undergarment caused by heavy sweating.

Apart from offering a cool & dry experience, the fabric also gives you a soft and smooth feel, thus making it ultra-convenient to wear for long durations during your work. These boxers make for the ideal choice for the sportsmen involved in hectic sporting activities and also for the office workers having sedentary working for long hours.


  • MicroModal fabric
  • Highly sweat-wicking
  • Adequate airflow
  • No embarrassing adjustments are required.
  • Highly Versatile


  • Legs are a little short


A blend of MicroModal and spandex, the David Archy offers a comfortable boxer- thanks to their extraordinary sweat-wicking qualities coupled with high breathability.

5. Men’s Buck Naked Performance Boxer Briefs Men’s Buck Naked Performance Boxer Briefs 

Men’s Buck Naked Performance Boxer makes you feel as if you are not wearing anything down there. The boxer is stretchy and, at the same time, offers great support during all types of activities requiring simple to unusual leg movements.

So, the boxer offers comfort in multiple job situations. As a construction worker, you can climb over machines or bend down to access machine faulty parts, and you can also remain seated for long hours in your work area if you have office job responsibilities.

The underwear does not let sweat build-up around your privates. Therefore, it keeps you protected from the common skin irritation, bad odor, itching, and rashes problems related to heavy sweating caused by poor quality undergarments.


  • Simple and comfortable overlapping fly design
  • Pre-treated to combat bad odor
  • Fast drying
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Stretchy


  • The quality of the fabric is excellent


The blend of spandex and Nylon makes it quick-dry underwear, which is extremely comfortable to wear in varying working conditions.

6. MyPakage Men’s Pro Boxer Brief MyPakage Men’s Pro Boxer Brief 

The Men’s Pro Boxer Brief is wonderful underwear from MyPackage. The perfect blend of 95/5 ratio of Modal/Spandex offers a lightweight fabric that imparts excellent stretchability to the inner garment.

With 2 layers made into 1 waste band, the design offers superior convenience to the athletes and the workers involved in activities requiring many up and down movements and body stretching.

The mesh panel provides excellent cooling, thus keeps you extremely comfortable even in the hot climatic conditions. The hydrophobic properties of the fabric wick away sweat and keep your private area dry at all times.


  • Stretchy and lightweight
  • Hydrophobic fabric
  • Mesh panels for effective cooling
  • 3D pouch for perfect support
  • Sweat-wicking properties


  • Comfortable only for short durations


The double-layer mesh design with sweat-wicking properties makes MyPakage Men’s Pro Boxer Brief a perfect choice for different job situations.

What are the best briefs for work?

There is no fixed answer to this. It is a matter of an individual’s choice and preference. Some workers feel comfortable in a loose fit boxer while others feel more agile wearing a tight brief. The option of traditional white is still very much open for selection though more colorful and stylish varieties now find their places on the shelves. Wide varieties of the fabric also offer some wonderful options for selecting dry and hygienic briefs.

At the end of the day, you need to look for your comfort, convenience, health, and hygiene requirements to select the right type of brief.

Briefs definitely provide better support and more freedom of movements while working for long working hours, making them the perfect choice for the workers involved in high movement jobs.

Different materials offer different properties to the briefs. For instance, microfibers possess excellent sweat-wicking properties making them highly suitable for workers working in hot and humid working conditions. However, some workers may find them tight on their crotch.

Cotton briefs, on the other hand, offer superior breathability. However, they will not be as durable as the microfibers and will not offer excellent sweat-wicking qualities.

Top 5 Best Briefs for Men for Work

1. Jockey Essential Fit Supersoft Modal Brief 2-PackJockey Essential Fit Supersoft Modal Brief 2-Pack

Made with super-soft MicroModal fabric, the Jockey Essential Fit Brief provides ultimate comfort while wearing it during your work. The brief with no-fly offers extreme support, and the brief design also allows better leg movements.

The sweat-wicking technology used in making the fabric does not allow sweat to build-up, and quick-drying keeps you feel dry and cool even when working in the harshest of conditions. The easy air flow enhances evaporation and adds further to wear even during the extended hours of work.


  • Sweat-wicking
  • MicroModal fabric
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Freedom of movements
  • Stylish


  • Just ordinary quality


If you want a brief that offers you comfort, convenience, and at the same time, confidence in wearing a stylish brief, Jockey Essential Fit Supersoft Modal Brief will be your ideal choice.

2. Hanes Ultimate™ Men’s Full-Cut Pre-Shrunk Briefs (7-Pack) Hanes Ultimate™ Men’s Full-Cut Pre-Shrunk Briefs (7-Pack)

If you think that the times of 100% cotton briefs were a distant past, revisit your belief. Yes, Hanes Ultimate offers a super cool cotton brief in a pack of seven with different color choices. Besides, the brief is pre-shrunk to offer a perfect fit even after the first and subsequent washes.

The traditional brief has a highly comfortable waistband and leg bands. Through the odor protection treatment, the brief also offers a very healthy and hygienic option.


  • Avoids wedgies
  • Comfortable waistband and leg bands
  • 100% cotton
  • Cool and dry
  • Allows for free leg movements


  • Stitching quality is not pretty good


Available in a pack of seven, the conventional men’s brief with 100% cotton fabric provides an ultimate cool and dry experience.

3. Amazon Essentials Men’s 7-Pack Tag-Free Briefs Amazon Essentials Men's 7-Pack Tag-Free Briefs 

The contrasting stripes at the waistband give Amazon Essential Briefs a unique style. The 100% cotton briefs have provided vertical flap fly for convenience. The simple and basic design of the underwear offers you high-quality underwear in a very affordable price range. The fabric has very high stretchability and allows you to work conveniently in the most rigorous working conditions involving many movements.

The brief is not pre-shrunk; therefore, it will shrink on warm water washing. So, wash in cold water and hang for natural drying. With its high level of comfort and convenience, the brief offers true value for money.


  • Highly affordable
  • Simple design
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Unique contrasting strips waistband design


  • Shrinks when washed in warm water


If you want a brief in a highly affordable range yet do not want to compromise with the comfort and convenience, the Amazon Essentials Men’s is the right choice for you.

4. Gildan Men’s Briefs Underwear Multipack Gildan Men's Briefs Underwear Multipack 

As one of the most popular manufacturers of stockings and apparel, Gildan produces high-quality USA-based cotton products. For this, Gildan has confidently sown its Cotton USA mark since its very beginning in 2009, marked officially by the Cotton Council International, on its packaging and shipping materials.

Gildan Men’s Brief Underwear is Tag-free and comfortable. These are environment-friendly products manufactured while keeping in mind the two major ecological objectives, including reducing environmental impacts and preventing resource exploitation.


  • Stylish Cut
  • Luxurious Waistband
  • Tag-free


  • Not exactly as claimed
  • A bit inaccurate size chart


In total, Gildan, with its high reliability and comfortable and supreme quality, is a completely suitable choice for all.

5. ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go BriefExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Brief  

With ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Brief, you will experience comfort, freshness, and moisture-resistance all at once. This ultimate quality breathable underwear wicks away moisture with surprising efficiency and prevents any discomfort in your long hour’s work.

With their outstanding fabric qualities, you can wear them in your long international flights, day-to-day office routine, and even in your homes comfortably.

The odor-eliminating Silvadur technology, mesh fabric, and the feathery lightweight diamond knit provides a versatile choice with moisture-wicking, comfort, breathability, and odor-resistance abilities in an all-in-one pack.


  • Odor-resistant
  • Highly breathable mesh fabric
  • Moisture-free
  • Lightweight
  • Fast drying


  • Not quite durable


Overall, the ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Brief Underwear, with its top quality and user-friendly features, is a perfectly suitable option to go with.


Comfort is the basic requirement when you shop for the best underwear for work. Moreover, it should also be able to keep you dry and cool even in the hottest and humid ambient conditions.

Choosing a boxer or a brief can be your personal preference, but whatever type of underwear you select should also be able to provide proper support to your private parts.

The top 11 best men’s underwear we have reviewed here has all these qualities and more. We hope that these reviews were helpful for you in identifying the best underwear for your purpose. You need to assess your specific need and select the most suitable boxer or brief accordingly.

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