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6 Best Biometric Gun Safes

This idea might be alluring if you haven’t had a biometric gun safe before. You will only have to put your finger on the scanner, and you will be provided access to your guns safely and efficiently.

But there are so many available on the market that not all of them are 100 percent secure and reliable. As a result, these safes can be unsafe with sweaty, dirty, or even bloody hands. Moreover, these gun safes are battery-powered, so they might fail when you need them the most.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to go for a biometric gun safe with a backup method to gain access. There are various other features that you need to consider as well. And that’s why we have developed this guide for your convenience.

So, scroll down to read all you need about the best biometric gun safes today.

Top 6 Biometric Gun Safes 

1.    Best Overall: Vaultek Safe VTi Full-Size Biometric Gun Safe

Vaultek Safe VTi Full-Size Biometric Gun Safe

This biometric gun safe is equipped with three different lock types. You can either use a biometric, electronic, or key lock system on this device. It comes with anti-theft protection features.

The device also boasts internally mounted hinges and an impact detection system to prevent break-ins. It is a quality safe for your multiple handguns and is made of rugged and tough 14-gauge carbon steel, and has a durable powder-coated finish.

This device also comes with Bluetooth connectivity so that you can operate it with a mobile application. Simile toggle on or off the hotkeys, and you will be able to secure your guns from a remote location.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: 14-gauge carbon steel
  • Lock type: Key, electronic, and biometric
  • Additional features: Bluetooth connectivity, pry-resistant design, backlit keypad
  • Dimensions:5-inch x 10.6-inch x 3.3-inch


  • Features smart key for immediate access.
  • Upgraded biometric sensor with smart alignment.
  • Quality backlit keypad.
  • Bluetooth powered for app access.


  • Doesn’t come with fire resistance.

2.    Best For Wall Safe: Barska Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe

Barska Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe

This biometric gun safe has a convenient and compact design. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to protect your arms and other belongings. It will only recognize your fingerprints or the ones you choose and no others.

Therefore, you won’t have to fumble for keys or worry about your lost keys. You also don’t have to develop any complex combinations that you will remember later.

This quality steel gun safe features two solid steel locking bolts. It runs on four AA batteries included in your purchase. You will also get a separate set of keys as your emergency backup. Setting up and installing this unit is pretty simple, as your purchase will also include all the mounting hardware.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Lock type: Key and biometric
  • Additional features: CA DOJ Approved, inbuilt LED light
  • Dimensions:5-inch x 14.5-inch x 7.75-inch


  • Includes all the mounting hardware.
  • Features quality biometric sensors and backup keys.
  • Quality steel construction.
  • CA DOJ approved the locking mechanism.


  • This safe is not fire-resistant.

3.    Best Budget Option: Viking VS-20BLX Mini Biometric Safe

Viking VS-20BLX Mini Biometric Safe

Viking gun safe comes with an electronic and a key mechanism system, and it is made of quality alloy steel that is rugged and tough. In addition, this safe has an audible alarm that can notify you of unauthorized access.

The biometric safe can unlock fast, so you can quickly gain access to the contents in case of an emergency. It is a top choice for home and office use. It guarantees maximum safety thanks to its upgraded 500 dpi optical sensor.

This safe also features a motorized 20mm locking mechanism with a deadbolt paired with a couple of prey-resistant slots for insertion.

Furthermore, you will also get a backup cross key with four prongs to access your safe in an emergency. This safe is easy to set up and is extremely simple to use. In addition, it allows you to scan and save up to 32 different fingerprints of multiple people and a pin code for an additional layer of security.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Lock type: Key and biometric
  • Additional features: Pry-resistant design and an inbuilt LED light save multiple fingerprints with a pin.
  • Dimensions:87-inch x 12.2-inch x 7.87-inch


  • Features audible alarm.
  • High-quality alloy steel construction.
  • Very easy to set up and install.
  • Comes with pry-resistant insertion slots.


  • The size of the safe is on the smaller side.

4.    Best for Rifles: Barska AX11652 Biometric Gun Safe

Barska AX11652 Biometric Gun Safe

This durable biometric gun safe is equipped with advanced biometric fingerprint technology. With this safe, you can conveniently store up to 120 fingerprints from different people. Moreover, it features an internal removable four-position rifle rack so you can store bugger guns in it.

Another excellent feature of this unit is its programmable quiet access mode to access your guns safely and quietly in case of an emergency.

The safe features a three-point steel deadbolt locking mechanism that makes this safe extremely secure. It is CA DOJ-approved and runs on four AA batteries. Moreover, your purchase will include all the mounting hardware you need to install. Therefore, setting it up and installing it is pretty straightforward.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Durable steel
  • Lock type: Key and biometric
  • Additional features: 3-point deadbolt locking system, save up to 120 fingerprints, removable rifle rack.
  • Dimensions:6-inch x 9.8-inch x 52.17-inch


  • Emergency backup keys included.
  • Your purchase comes with mounting hardware.
  • It runs on four AA batteries.
  • Indoor floor mat included.


  • Its knob might need a replacement over time.

5.    Large Capacity: Vaultek NMXi Biometric Smart Safe

Vaultek NMXi Biometric Smart Safe

Vaultek safe is available in 14-gauge steel and 12-gauge steel options. Both the options come with powder coating for a robust finish and look. It comes with electronic and key unlocking systems for your emergency backup.

This safe comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. It means that you can conveniently access the locking system of this safe remotely and can conveniently lock or unlock it from a  remote location. The device runs on a quality lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable. The emergency backup access keys allow you to get into your safe even when the battery is down.

This unit comes with a backlit keypad, and its proximity sensor detects your hand and illuminates the keys. It also comes with a large fingerprint sensor for a better responsive experience.

It also boasts an adjustable pullout shelf with an interior light. There are anti-pry bars with dual impact latches. And thanks to the Wi-Fi app, you can keep the continents of this safe as secure as possible even when you are not around.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: 14-gauge and 12-gauge steel
  • Lock type: Key, electronic, and biometric
  • Additional features: Wi-Fi connectivity, large fingerprint scanner, backlit keypad, adjustable pullout shelf
  • Dimensions: 15-inch x 11.5-inch x 11.6-inch


  • Robust steel construction with powder coating.
  • Powder-coated finish for durability.
  • Features an oversized fingerprint scanner.
  • Comes with an adjustable pullout shelf and an interior light.


  • Fingerprint scanning can be finicky at times and requires precise positioning.

6.    1 Gun Capacity: SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock

SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock

This compact gun safe is the best option if you’re looking for a biometric gun safe just for one gun. The compact construction also allows you to use it as your bedside gun safe.

The company has made a travel-friendly design so that you can carry it with you. Moreover, it features an anti-theft alarm system.

It features a gas strut that allows you to instantly and quietly open your safe to access your gun with one hand.

It is constructed with solid steel and features a pry-resistant door. So, it can’t be forced open for any reason. The only way you can open this safe is with the help of your biometric identification or with the use of a backup override key.

This gun safe is CA DOJ certified and runs on four AA batteries, and the safe will continue to operate for a long time to come. It also has a soft interior lining which keeps your hand and arms safe while quickly accessing your gun in a hurry.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Lock type: Key and biometric
  • Additional features: Soft interior lining, bolt-down kit, single-handed access.
  • Dimensions: 9.9-inch x 12.1-inch x 3.2-inch


  • Quality construction features alloy steel.
  • Gas strut compression for anti-prying.
  • Quick and easy single-handed access.
  • Bolt down kit included.


  • Only suitable for single gun storage.

Biometric Gun Safe Buying Guide

If you are still unsure whether you need a biometric gun safe and some of its features, the following guide will help you decide.

What is a Biometric Safe?

A biometric safe is the next step in gun safety and its technology. You are shifting from that old lock-and-key safe, and from there, these safes evolved into combination safes, and then we had the electronic key safes.

With biometric fingerprinting, you can easily access your firearm, and you don’t need to have a key for it. With these safes, the speed of unlocking and accessing the contents of the safe has significantly increased. You don’t have to fumble your fingers around anymore, as you can open your safe with just a single tap.

Moreover, you can program multiple fingerprints and add multiple individuals to your household to access the contents of the safe in time of need.

Benefits of Using a Biometric Gun Safe

There are multiple benefits of using a biometric gun safely.

Store multi fingerprint records

With the help of these biometric gun safes, you can conveniently store multiple fingerprints, including your entire family, so that they can access the gun safely in time of need. Some of these gun safes can even store more than 100 fingerprints. So you won’t have to be the only one to go and open the safe to get the gun.

Anti-pry technology

Don’t worry about anyone trying to pry open your safe. Most of these safes biometric safes come with anti-pry features. No matter what, they have to try and pry open the safe, but they won’t be able to do it.

Rechargeable battery

Most of these biometric gun safes run on batteries; the quality ones come with rechargeable batteries. You won’t have to worry about your gun safe dying on you in time of need.

Backup access

Many good-quality biometric gun safes come with backup methods to open the safe if the battery dies. This can either be electronic or with the help of a set of override or backup keys. So even if the battery dies, you have another way of opening the safe.

Disadvantages of Using a Biometric Gun Safe

With all the benefits, these biometric gun safes also have their disadvantages.

Slightly tricky to work

Most gadgets featuring biometrics (including these biometric gun safes) can be slightly tricky to work with. If you are not well-versed with this technology, problems in smoothly managing and using the device tend to occur. For example, you have to be very precise with your finger positioning to make it work smoothly.


Biometric gun safes are equipped with modern scanning technology and sensors, and some of them even feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity features. So, these devices don’t come cheap.

Weak batteries

Ah, those batteries seem as if they are always out of juice. To keep your system armed all the time, these gun safes with biometric features run on batteries, and they also consume many batteries.

Features To Look for in a Biometric Gun Safe

Features To Look for in a Biometric Gun Safe

You must keep in mind various features when looking to buy a safe biometric gun. We are listing down some of the important features for your consideration.


You have to figure out why you need a biometric gun safe in the first place. Then, you have to consider what type of weapon you need to fit into the safe and where you will place the safe itself.

Do you need indoor lighting or a gun shelf for multiple guns? Will you place more of your personal belongings with your guns in the biometric gun safe? You will have to see different models with different features in each scenario.


A quality biometric gun safe is made of durable and robust materials. They are resistant to corrosion and rust as well as prying and scratches.

Some models use aluminum, but steel is the ultimate choice here. Also, consider going for steel safes and having a powder-coated finish for even more durability and ruggedness.

Alternative locking options

Make sure to go for the biometric gun safes with alternative locking mechanisms. As biometric gun safes run on battery, this battery might run out due to some reason.

You don’t want to be in an emergency and unable to unlock the safe because it ran out of juice. Therefore, look for the safes that come with alternative unlocking systems, such as an additional set of override keys.

Weight and size

You have to consider your biometric gun’s safe portability if you move it around. Maybe you need your weapon next to your pillow, or you will need it on your trip inside your RV?

If you want it for your home or office, you can afford to go for a slightly heavier model, especially if you won’t be moving it too much. And, of course, you also have to consider how many guns you want to keep in your safe.


With weight and size comes capacity. Bigger biometric gun safes have a larger capacity, and you can place multiple weapons in them. But if you own only one handgun, you don’t have to buy a safe designed to place a rifle.


You have to make sure that you keep the fingerprint sensor if you are as clean as possible to make the sensor work as smoothly as possible. Each biometric gun safes comes with cleaning instructions that you need to follow for best performance.

Power consideration

These biometric gun safes need electricity to run as they feature electronic scanners. Some come with rechargeable batteries, while others run on AA batteries. Consider this before you buy a biometric gun safe for your purpose.

Should You Buy a Biometric or Locking Safe?

Should You Buy a Biometric or Locking Safe?

The primary purpose of a biometric safe is that you can access the continents of your safe as quickly as possible in case of an emergency.

You won’t have to remember any code or combination, or you don’t have to fumble around with your keys when using these biometric gun safes.

If you are handy with the latest biometric technologies (which you are, as biometric sensors are pretty common with today’s smartphones), you need to bring in a biometric gun safe.

People Also Ask

Are fingerprint safes reliable?

They might be expensive, and you might need to get used to them when it comes to precisely placing your fingers to unlock them. However, these biometric gun safes are pretty reliable and secure. They are equipped with the latest biometric and security mechanisms, and most of them are fitted with anti-prying features.

Do biometric safes work?

Not all of them work as they claim. Therefore, it is important that you only buy quality biometric gun safes. They might be expensive but equipped with special security features that make them highly reliable and secure.

Is a biometric gun safe worth it?

A biometric gun safe is worth it. It might come with a hefty price tag on it, but it is also equipped with the latest security features to keep the content safe at all costs.


In our opinion, the best biometric gun safe is the Vaultek Safe VTi Full-Size Biometric Gun Safe. It comes with anti-pry features, and you will also get an additional set of keys for overriding. It is a high-quality safe that you can use to store your guns and other personal belongings and access them in no time, wherever you need them.


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