Cleaning is so important that it is considered to be next to godliness in different parts of the globe. A core part of home maintenance is cleaning, and you have to dust, clean, and wash your home or spaces regularly. Even if you have the means and resources to get a cleaner to do the job for you, it cannot be the same as using a commercial pressure washer. Interestingly, many cleaners do not even have excellent commercial pressure washers.

It can even happen that you are a professional cleaner yourself, and you are looking for ways to get the best results for your clients. Either you want to clean your spaces for yourself and get the best results or get the best results for your clients as a professional cleaner, you will need to lay your hands on the finest commercial pressure washer. That is where you are going to find this piece to be very useful and relevant.

Top 10 Best Commercial Pressure Washers

  1. SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShotSIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot

This commercial pressure washer from the stable of Simpson runs on gasoline, and it comes with a hose that is 25 feet in length, but that is not all to it. It boasts of 10-inch pneumatic wheels, a Honda GC190 residential engine, a welded steel construction frame which maximizes durability, and a threaded connection of the pump and hose.

It also has a total of five nozzle tips that are easy to connect, alongside soap. All the pressure washers that it comes with have also been tested properly in the factory before releasing for sale. Everything about it points to the fact that it is designed to make life as easy as possible for the user.


  • Straightforward setup
  • Reliable and sturdy


  • Customer service issues
  • Vibration problems


Here is a commercial pressure washer that was designed with the user in mind. This explains why it is loaded with several features like a reliable engine and excellent construction. It is, without a doubt, highly recommended for all.

  1. AR383 Blue Clean Electric Pressure WasherAR383 Blue Clean Electric Pressure Washer

When it comes to outdoor cleaning, this is the product to go for. It has been designed to allow for swift cleaning of areas or objects like the driveways, cars, furniture, trucks, ATVs, RVs, and others. It is also good for the environment because it is designed to save water by utilizing 80% less water and 40% more than a regular garden hose. It is even a lot quieter than the gas engine variants.

Assembling and setting it up is very easy. All you need to do is get it out of the package, put the hose reel, then fix the handle. Then make a connection between the garden hose and the high-pressure hose. The GFCI is then connected to the three-prong socket, you pull the trigger, and you are set to go – it is that easy.


  • Versatile application
  • Excellent for cars


  • Handling issues
  • Design complaints


Apart from a few customers’ complaints, it is safe to say that this commercial pressure washer is a solid product. It serves the customer well as it has comprehensive features needed for proper and effective washing.

  1. AR767 Blue Clean Industrial Grade Pressure Washer AR767 Blue Clean Industrial Grade Pressure Washer

With a 1,900PSI/2.10 GPM rating, here is one commercial pressure washer designed to meet all your needs effortlessly, but that is not the only feature that it comes with. It also has a modifiable spray head that comes with outstanding fan jet configurations. There is also a setting for the gauge and adjustment of pressure.

For maximal functionality, it has the triplex plunger pump alongside an axial wobble plate. There are a 25-inch pressure hose and an incorporated detergent injector alongside a pressure gauge for optimal cleaning.


  • Truly industrial
  • Excellent for cleaning


  • Functionality issues
  • Customer service problems


From the incorporated detergent injector to the modifiable spray head, this is one commercial pressure washer that has been designed with you in mind. It is highly recommended for all.

  1. NaceCare K-1122 TST Pressure WasherNaceCare K-1122 TST Pressure Washer

Outstanding cleaning power is guaranteed with the 1400 PSI capacity, and durability is also ensured with the stainless steel pistons that have also been covered with high-quality ceramic. For proper functioning, there is also a set of graphite seals, and that is not to mention the hose, which is 50 feet in length alongside a pair of lances.

With the hose and lances, flexibility is guaranteed, which is very important for functionality. Another additional feature that guarantees maximal usage is the total stop feature that gives you full control.


  • Remarkable build
  • Maximum efficiency


  • Accessory issues
  • Packaging problems


From its durability to full control from the user, here is a very reliable commercial pressure washer. It is recommended for your use, and you are not going to regret it.

  1. Jenny HPJ1020-E Electric Pressure WasherJenny HPJ1020-E Electric Pressure Washer

Even though it is powered by electricity, it comes with a one-phase and heavy-duty, industrial-grade motor which ensures reliable performance. For ease of use, it also comes with two pairs of pressure washer nozzles that are color-coded, and this is in addition to the one soap nozzle. For optimal control, it comes with a high-pressure relief valve.


  • Comprehensive design
  • Ease of movement


  • Packaging complaints
  • Customer support issues


One of the most outstanding features of this product is the pair of pneumatic ball-bearing wheels, which ensure maximum movement and flexibility. It comes with a range of truly user-friendly features. It is very much recommended for anyone interested in a reliable commercial pressure washer.

  1. Mi-T-M WP-1400-OMEH Electric Pressure WasherMi-T-M WP-1400-OMEH Electric Pressure Washer

With one-year limited warranties for the pump and electric motor, here is a product that will assist you when it comes to cleaning your property. It is designed to be as easy as possible to use, and it is quite light compared with other variants. It is ideal for small tasks or cleaning runs in your home.

The pump is one of the most outstanding features, and it has a heat relief valve, an incorporated low-pressure detergent injector, sight glass, fill port, and even an oil drain. The motor is also equally sophisticated in its design and construction as it comes with a fully-contained electric motor, which is fan-cooled, a 15-amp plug, and a power cord that is 35 feet in length.

The design’s professionalism is apparent in its frame as it comes with two pairs of rubber isolators and a mounting plate. Each package comes with an adjustable low-high pressure nozzle with a variable spray pattern. This is in addition to a high-pressure hose up to 25 feet in length, a high-grade trigger gun, and a lance that is 36 inches in length, which ensure optimal flexibility.


  • Sophisticated design
  • Compact design


  • Customer support issues
  • Oil leakage


It is designed to be very flexible and easy to use. It has all the features that truly make the difference, and it is very much recommended for all users interested in having a good commercial pressure washer.

  1. Sun Joe SPX3500 2300 Max Psi Pressure WasherSun Joe SPX3500 2300 Max Psi Pressure Washer

Cleaning with this product is made very easy as it comes with a potent motor. It is a 2,000W and 13-amp induction motor that gets rid of all kinds of dirt using an impressive 2300 PSI of cleaning power. As there is also a modifiable detergent dial, the user can control the amount of soap or detergent used.

For optimal control, there is the Total Stop System (referred to as the TSS) feature. With this TSS feature, the user can instantly turn off the pump whenever the trigger is not in an engaged mode. This way, energy is saved, bills are reduced, and the pump lasts longer.


  • Reliable performance
  • Impressive design


  • Maximum pressure issues
  • Water leakage problem


Durable, strong, and very impressive in performance, this is a solid product for all.

  1. Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Max PSI Pressure WasherSun Joe SPX3000 2030 Max PSI Pressure Washer

Versatile and powerful are what comes to mind with this. The 1800-watt motor is dependable and allows it to be used anywhere want, from patios to trucks to buildings. It is designed to be as useful as possible.


  • Easy to use
  • Reliable performance


  • Leakage issues
  • Hose compatibility


If there is any commercial pressure washer loaded with all the features that can get the cleaning done with minimal stress, it is fully recommended here.

  1. SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-S MegaShot Gas Pressure WasherSIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-S MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer

If there is anything the Simpson brand is known for, it is ensuring that quality comes first. All the pressure washers have been properly tested. Durability is ensured with the use of steel for the body frame, and usage is made easy, with five nozzle tips that can be adjusted based on the kind of task at hand.


  • Overall excellent machine
  • Impressive performance
  • Customer-friendly design


  • Fuel tank design issues
  • Pressure washer gun problems


With its high-quality residential engine from Kohler and a durable frame made of steel, this commercial pressure washer is precisely what you need.

  1. SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240 PowerShot Gas Pressure WasherSIMPSON Cleaning PS4240 PowerShot Gas Pressure Washer

From its welded frame made from steel to pneumatic wheels that are 13 inches in dimension, here is a commercial pressure washer that is outstanding in every way. Cleaning is flawless with the Honda GX390 engine that even comes with an oil alert function.


  • Multipurpose applications
  • Very easy to use
  • No leakage and water sprays


  • Pump issues
  • Packaging complaints


Here is a commercial pressure washer that is truly dependable and is worth every penny spent on it. It is very much recommended for everyone.

Commercial Pressure Washer Buying Guide

When it comes to purchasing a commercial pressure washer, it is good to use helpful information. A guide is necessary because there are various types of commercial pressure washers in the market, and for a new buyer, it can be quite challenging to know which one to go for.

Understandably, even experienced customers can become overwhelmed when selecting from the vast array of commercial pressure washers in the market. Apart from the sheer diversity, even knowing which commercial pressure washer to go for can be a herculean task on its own.

The essence of this section is to provide useful information for the buyers. With the right information in the guide, it becomes easy for any buyer, either as an amateur or an experienced one, to easily decide which one to go for at the end of the day.

Source of Power

When it comes to sources of power for commercial pressure washers, there are two main types: powered by electricity or gas. For those who go for the commercial pressure washers powered by electricity, there is a reduced amount of maintenance needed. The electric pressure washers are also a lot easier to make use of. However, the user needs to realize that there has to be an electricity source whenever it is to be used.

Since a source of electricity is needed, that implies that freedom may be limited, and you may not be able to use it as frequently as you want. But once it is connected to a source of power, you can be sure of optimal performance.

On the other hand, there are commercial pressure washers that are powered with gas. These types are fully mobile and allow for greater flexibility when working. Of course, this is a lot more versatile as an option; however, you need to be sure that there is an adequate amount of gas for whatever task you want to do.

Overall, the commercial pressure washers powered with gas are a lot more powerful than those powered with electricity. It is also important to state that the gas-powered commercial pressure washers are cheaper as an alternative when compared with the ones running on electricity.


When it comes to portability, commercial pressure washers can be divided into two, and these are those powered with electricity and the others using gas. For the former type, they are generally smaller and are even cheaper. Even though the electric commercial pressure washers are a lot easier to move around as they are more flexible and mobile, it must be stated that they are typically not as powerful as the gas-powered commercial pressure washers.

Gas-powered commercial pressure washers are generally larger as they are used mainly for very demanding projects. Hence, they are not as portable as the ones that run on electricity. They also need to be pulled before they start, and the correct composition of fuel has to be used. Overall, they are much more powerful and heavier than the commercial pressure washers running on electricity.

Hence, if you are looking for commercial pressure washers that are portable and easy to move around, then go for the ones running on electricity. However, you must also consider their demerits before you proceed.


For many people using commercial pressure washers, their goal is how to get the most excellent pumps. Pumps are crucial, and the typical one is equipped with a pair of handles to produce water at high pressure. Several kinds of brands are out there making pumps, but they vary when it comes to quality. For those interested in durable pumps, a pro-grade triplex pump is a good option.

Those wondering how the pumps look like a set of tiny pipes combined with a cylinder and rods, plungers, ball bearings, and pistons. Pistons made of ceramic allow easy operation of the water pump and do a good job with temperature control.

Hose and Nozzle       

When discussing a commercial pressure washer, there is no way one will not mention hoses and nozzles. Hoses have to be as long-lasting as the other components of the commercial pressure washer. This explains why several commercial pressure washers have hoses made stronger with steel included in the structure. The longer the hose, the greater the flexibility during use, and some hoses stretch as much as 50 feet in length.

Apart from stated, several commercial pressure washers are equipped with nozzle tips easy to adjust and use at various angles and range of control. The nozzles allow for a greater degree of versatility and flexibility because the user can adjust precisely the level of pressure needed for a particular work.


The surface upon which the user or the commercial pressure washer is standing goes a long way in determining the performance and even the washer’s mobility. To handle this challenge, many commercial pressure washers in the market have tires, which makes the commercial pressure washer more stable.

When selecting the most excellent tires, the best ones are the pneumatic ones and can be up to 16 inches in size. On the other hand, you can go for the never-flat-tires, which are even known for giving more balance and strength, especially for the more massive commercial pressure washers.

When deciding on which kind of tires to go for, it is good to check for other features like the tires’ ability to absorb the shock produced from the washer’s vibrations alongside its noise reduction ability.


Cost is another important parameter when it comes to commercial pressure washers. The precise cost is going to be influenced by the size, model, brand, and power. A commercial pressure washer that costs a few hundred dollars is considered affordable. Still, the ones powered by electricity are generally cheaper, even if they are not as powerful as the gas-powered ones.

The bigger the commercial pressure washer, the more you will have to pay. The commercial pressure washers with the most features and highest range of power can cost thousands of dollars, but they are good enough to handle tasks they are designed for.


Q: How do you use a commercial pressure washer?

A: Put your preferred detergent inside the tank of the commercial pressure washer, fix the nozzle, and switch on the tool. Go for the pressure level that is best for you and wash the affected area.

Q: What should the user be cautious of?

A: Be careful with the pressure and do not point the nozzle of the commercial pressure washer at anyone as it can lead to an injury.

Q: How can I get the best results on time?

A: To get the swiftest results when working with a commercial pressure washer, make a detergent blend with hot water. But if your commercial pressure washer is the type you cannot use hot water with, always make sure to include detergent as it will break down the dirt on time.


You can only get to purchase the ideal commercial pressure washer if you have the right information. Even the most outstanding PSI rating may not be ideal for you and can even lead to injury if not handled properly. That is not to even mention the money that would have been wasted. With the information provided in this piece, anyone will be able to make the right decision to pick the best commercial pressure washer.

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