When you are doing any work in your home or even in your construction business, you want a tool to collect all the dust. You should make sure that you know what factors would help you to pick the right equipment and what each of these machines would have to offer you. Keep reading on to find out what we thought in our comprehensive guide on the top dust collectors.

10 Best Dust Collectors 

You always want to make sure that you are getting the best of the best, knowing what some of the top models are. Here are just 10 of the best models for dust collectors that you need to look at, including:

1. SHOP FOX W1685 Dust CollectorSHOP FOX W1685 Dust Collector

For those looking for equipment with a larger bag, then the Shop Fox W1985 dust collector will be ideal. The bag on this item is 5.4 cubic feet, which means there is plenty of space to collect all of the dust you will be creating. This one measures 22.2 x 37 x 22.5 inches in size, which means you will be able to place it into any order or spot without worrying about it not fitting.


  • Great suction
  • Affordable
  • High-quality build


  • Heavy
  • Assembly can be difficult


However, if you are looking for something that will be high powered without spending a lot of money, this machine will work best for you.

2. The Dust Deputy Deluxe from Oneida Air SystemsThe Dust Deputy Deluxe from Oneida Air Systems

If mobility is important to you, then the Dust Deputy Deluxe from Oneida Air Systems might be the right one to look at. This one uses a 5-gallon plastic bucket as the dust holder with a canister device on the top to catch the dust particles that will be created. It can be used with a wide variety of materials, including baking flour, leaves and grass, animal and pet hair, cooled soot and ash, wood shavings, and much more.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to move around
  • Lightweight


  • Assembly can be confusing.


It is something that everyone can afford to have, and those who bought it loved using it around their home to make sure that every debris, dust, and allergens were collected.

3. Grizzly Industrial G0710-1 Wall Hanging Dust CollectorGrizzly Industrial G0710-1 Wall Hanging Dust Collector

Those searching for something small or that can be hung on the wall, and then the Grizzly Industrial G0710-1 wall hanging dust collector is something to check out. The hole for intake is 4”, and the bag measures 13 ½ x 24 inches, which gives you plenty of space for a small job, but you will have to empty the container frequently. It can be mounted on the wall and the floor or even on your workbench to collect the dust easier.


  • Very light
  • Can be hooked up with other machines
  • Not as noisy as other models


  • Costs more than other models
  • The collection tank is small


The filter on this one is 30 microns, which means that nothing will escape it, and everyone who used this thought it worked extremely well.

4. Jet JCDC-1.5 1.5 Hp Cyclone Dust CollectorJet JCDC-1.5 1.5 Hp Cyclone Dust Collector

If the commercial-grade is what you are looking for, then the Jet JCDC-1.5 1.5 HP cyclone dust collector is something that you must check out. This one will be huge in size, and there is a huge collection drum that will hold all of the dust, which can then be changed out or emptied. It measures 43.75 x 23.25 x 33.5 inches in size, making it small enough to store out of the way, and you can even move it around as needed.


  • Great for construct or wood working sites
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Very quiet


  • Expensive
  • Heavy


It is one that those who purchased it were glad they spent the extra money on it since it is quiet and high quality in terms of suction and ease of use.

5. POWERTEC DC5370 537 CFM Wall MountedPOWERTEC DC5370 537 CFM Wall Mounted

For another small option, the POWERTECH DC5370 CFM wall-mounted model is definitely something you need to look at. The bags are reusable, which means you can take them off the machine, empty them, and replace them to save yourself money. Even a window is in-built on the bag so that you can easily see what the current level of dust is without needing to open it.


  • Easy viewing window to see the dust level
  • Can be mounted just about anywhere
  • Lightweight compared to other machines


  • Filter bags are expensive


It will be a small yet efficient model that can work in a hobby shop or even a small professional shop, and everyone who uses this model loves it.

6. Shop Fox W1727 HP Dust CollectorShop Fox W1727 HP Dust Collector

Another great option for those who want something simple to use is the Shop Fox W1727 HP dust collector. The bag’s filtration 2.5 micron, and the bag on the bottom is clear, so you can easily see when it would need to be replaced. It will also be small enough to place it in the corner since it measures 16.5 x 28.1 x 19.6 inches. It would be highly effective in any larger areas where you have a lot of dust that needs to be taken out of the air.


  • Lighter than the other models
  • Very quiet when operating
  • Amazing suction power


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for metal usage


It is something that everyone would recommend to others looking for a high powered and good quality suction dust collector.

7. Rikon Portable Wall Mounted Dust CollectorRikon Portable Wall Mounted Dust Collector

If portable is a major factor for your purchase, then the Rikon portable wall mounted dust collector is something you need to look at. This one has wheels on the bottom to make it easier for you to move or pull around to different locations as required. It is a 2-micron cloth bag that you can easily see how much dust and debris is being collected, so you know when to change it out. Not only can this be moved around easily, but it is also small enough you can put it in the corner or on the wall.


  • Lighter in weight than other models
  • Quiet
  • The bag can be easily emptied using the zipper


  • The hose can come damaged
  • Assembly can be complicated


It will be something that you want to own for your home or even for your business if you create a lot of dust.

8. Super Dust Deputy by Oneida Air SystemsSuper Dust Deputy by Oneida Air Systems

If the design doesn’t matter to you, then the Super Dust Deputy by Oneida Air Systems might be perfect for you. The dust barrel is quite simple, and it has a brown paper exterior with the dust collector attached to the top. However, this will also be a smaller model as it only stands 42” tall after it is all assembled, which means you can easily store this under the workbench or even in a corner.


  • Affordable
  • Comes in different intake sizes
  • Easy to install


  • Hoses and accessories aren’t included


For those who want something small that they can use the intake size on, including from 4”, 5” or 6”, this model will work the best for your needs.

9. Grizzly Industrial G1163P Light Duty Dust CollectorGrizzly Industrial G1163P Light Duty Dust Collector

Another light-duty option that you can check out is the Grizzly Industrial G1163P light-duty dust collector. This one only measures 17 x 19.75 x 20.5 inches in size, which means that it will be able to lay perfectly on the floor in any area where the dust might be the worst. The bag can easily be removed from the machine to empty it and be moved quickly due to the bottom wheels.


  • Affordable
  • Powerful
  • Easy to move around


  • Can have a high pitched sound


The filter on the bag is 30 micron, which means it will filter out everything, and this is perfect for your home or even your small professional shop.

10. BUCKTOOL 1HP 6.5AMP Portable Wall Mounted Dust CollectorBUCKTOOL 1HP 6.5AMP Portable Wall Mounted Dust Collector

When it comes to high-quality, you want to check out the BUCKTOOL 1HP 6.5AMP portable wall-mounted dust collector. It has a huge bag that can hold quite a bit of dust and is easily removed from the machine to make emptying a less problematic task. It has a sturdy frame on the bottom to make sure that it won’t tip over, which means it will work great outdoors and indoors.


  • Long hose
  • Lightweight
  • One can get the replacement bag free of cost from the company


  • Some machines can be weak in terms of suction
  • Wood chips can clog the in-built grids


This can easily be mounted on the wall if that is what you want, but it will also be ideal in any larger professional area or hobby area.

Dust Collectors Saws Buying Guide

There are plenty of things that you need to know about when it comes to buying your dust collector so that you can make the right choice. This means knowing how these machines work and even the factors to choose the perfect model for your needs. Here is everything you need to be aware of when purchasing the ideal equipment to fit your needs.

1. How Does a Dust Collector Work?

If you are working in your home hobby shop or even in a professional workshop you, will want to have a dust collector. These machines use a motor and a fan to draw in and capture the dust particles and then filter them out from the air. The dust and other particles would get caught in the bag, and then the rest of the air, which has been cleaned and filtered, would then be pushed back into the outdoors. The different models would be a larger capacity, but they all work the same and can help prevent you from breathing in anything that can damage your lungs.

2. How to Choose the Right Dust Collector?

You need to think about and consider a lot when it comes to choosing the right machine for your needs. Some of the top factors that would help you to pick the right dust collector include:

  • Type of machine – Ensure that you are check to see how many stages the machine has, especially if you want the 2 stages to prevent any debris, dust, or particles from escaping the filtration system.
  • Size – Another thing to consider is the size, and you need to think about how much space you have in your workshop, so measure it and then compare it against the machines you are looking at.
  • CFM – You should also ensure that you are checking out the CFM and making sure you are getting the right one. Ensure that the CFM that you are looking at is recommended for the size of the area where you would be working.
  • Price – You will also want to consider the dust collector’s price, so ensure that you have a budget set only to check those out that you can afford.
  • Bag cleaning – The final factor to consider is how easy and frequently you will need to change out or even empty the bag, which can be done less often if you go for a larger capacity model.

These are just a few of the top factors that one needs to consider when picking and buying a dust collector, so make sure you know what they are.

3. How Much CFM Do I Need for a Dust Collector?

The amount of CFM that you will require from your machine depends on what you expect to pick up and filter. If you want to know the formula, then every 1000 cubic feet of space or the airflow will be needed for a smaller room, especially if you want a good collection of the chips. However, you can go for a lower CFM level if you are using a smaller space or if you are going to mount it close to where the dust chips would be created, so the lowest you should get is 350 CFM.

4. What is a 2 Stage Dust Collector?

You will have to think about plenty of dust collectors, and one of those is the 2 stage style. It is the most commonly recommended version since it would have 2 steps that the air and the particles would have to go through, including the cyclone and the after filter. The cyclone separator is where the air will initially enter before being filtered through the filter and then pushed into the air again.


  • What is the most common usage of the dust collectors?

If you are working in a workshop or other closed space, you will get wood chips and other harmful debris into the air. If you don’t use a dust collector, those can go around in the air and be inhaled, which can be harmful, so these machines filter the air and get rid of the debris.

  • How long can wood dust remain in the air?

If you wonder how long the wood dust can stay floating in the air, then the answer is 30 minutes. This is why you need a machine that can collect the dust and then spit out the clean air since you never know if particles are floating around still.

  • What is the lowest CFM level that I can get away using?

If you have a small area in which you are working, then the lowest CFM level you will want to use safely is 350. However, for larger spaces, you want to go upwards of 400 or 500 to keep yourself and others safe.


It is important to think about the top dust collector options available and which one will fit your needs the best. The more you think about this and the more you know, the easier this decision will be for your needs. The best is what you should get, and that means finding the model that would have the right CFM level and the 2 stage type to prevent all small debris from getting out. These are just a few of the top models you can check out, so go ahead and start your research.

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