Working at a construction site involves handling machinery, tools, and many other dirty surfaces. Besides, you have to work with oil, grease, paint, and many other materials, causing your hands to become messy. It would help if you had a cleaning solution that can clean off all the dirt and stains from your hands.

Well, getting a strong cleaning solution is not difficult; however, getting the solution that can clean your hands without damaging your soft skin is tricky.

We share with you precisely those hand soaps and cleaners that serve both the purposes of cleaning your hands without causing any damage to the skin. Here are the top 8 such cleaning solutions for you to select the best one that fulfills your specific needs.

Top 8 Best Hand Soaps and Hand Cleaners for Construction Workers

  1. Permatex 25219 Fast Orange Pumice Lotion Hand Cleaner with PumpPermatex 25219 Fast Orange Pumice Lotion Hand Cleaner with Pump

The Permatex 25219 Fast Orange Pumice Lotion Hand Cleaner is an excellent cleaner that provides deep cleaning to your hands. Apart from having the citrus powder for removing harsh stains of grease and paints from your hands, the cleaner also contains Aloe Vera, glycerin, and lanolin to condition your skin. It can remove the most stubborn grease, paint, tar, and printer ink’s marks and still keep your skin soft & shiny.

The cleaning formula does not contain any harsh chemicals and any petroleum solvent. Moreover, being biodegradable, it is also eco-friendly.

The cleaner is not only effective for hand cleaning but can also be used to clean stains and scuffs from your laundry items. Besides, it can also clean tile floors and other household items with equal ease.


  • Deep cleaning of grease and grime
  • Acts as a skin conditioner
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Eco-friendly
  • Useful for cleaning many household items


  • The pump doesn’t work pretty smoothly


One of the most sought after hand cleaners, the Permatex 25219, offers deep cleaning without being harsh on your hands and the environment.

2. GOJO NATURAL ORANGE Pumice Industrial Hand CleanerGOJO NATURAL ORANGE Pumice Industrial Hand Cleaner

The GOJO NATURAL ORANGE Pumice Industrial Hand Cleaner is grease and grime cleaning magic. It is a fast-acting cleaner comprising pumice scrubber. So, the cleaner acts in two ways. The soap does the chemical cleaning while the scrubber helps in the physical removal of sticky soil and dirt from your hands.

The cleaning solution does the cleaning so softly that you never feel the itching caused by cheaper cleaning solutions. And it does such a deep cleaning that you will forget that you actually did work on the site the whole day. On top of that, it leaves your hands with a pleasing aroma of orange-scent.


  • Use of Pumice scrubber for deep cleaning
  • Soft on hands
  • Pleasing orange-citrus smell
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Two-way cleaning


  • Not too quick cleaning


You talk of a professional hand cleaner, and GOJO is the first name that will cross your mind. Do not expect anything less than perfect cleaning of your hands without even a trace of skin irritation.

3. Grandpa Gus’s Super Hand Scrub; Industrial Hand Soap Grandpa Gus's Super Hand Scrub; Industrial Hand Soap 

Grandpa Gus’s Super Hand Scrub is an ideal choice for the construction workers if they want to have deep and safe cleaning of their hands year after year. The bio-degradable formula is soft on your hands and super soft on the environment.

It can remove the sticky grease, wax, and oil from your hands in a quick time. Besides, you can use the cleaner to remove even the harsher stains caused by paint, tar, and concrete dirt. Grandpa Gus’s uses a chemical-free formula in its cleaner. Being Phosphate-free, it does not damage the drain system of your construction company. Moreover, the Super Emollients present in the cleaner moisturizes your hand and keep them soft, smooth, and healthy.


  • Extremely effective cleaning
  • Super-soft on hands
  • Moisturizing properties
  • Eco-friendly
  • Drainage system-friendly


  • A shade expensive


If you are looking for a hand soap that can remove the stubborn soil & grease from your hand while still soft on your hands and the environment, Grandpa Gus’s Super Hand Scrub is a perfect choice for you.

4. Grip Clean | Hand Cleaner for Auto Mechanics – Heavy Duty Pumice SoapGrip Clean | Hand Cleaner for Auto Mechanics - Heavy Duty Pumice Soap

The Grip Clean | Hand Cleaner for Auto Mechanics is designed for mechanics and construction workers who do not hesitate to work in the harshest of environments involving a lot of dirt, soil, grease, and grime. It is pretty simple in application and quick in cleaning your dirtiest hands. You need to add some water and form lather before rinsing your hands super clean again.

The blend of absorbent Bentonite Clay and a combo of Coconut & Olive Oil do wonder to your hands. While the former provides deep cleaning, the combo of oils gives it soft and moisturizing effects. Both the oils even discreetly heal your invisible or fine cuts and scratch so common during the construction activities.

Its high concentration formula gives you more cleaning in less quantity, so it is harsh on the stains but pretty soft on your hands and in your pocket.


  • Superlative cleaning properties
  • Double concentration than normal cleaners
  • Easy and quick cleaning
  • Moisturizing properties
  • Healing properties in the oils


  • A little hard to squeeze out the cleaner


Want a cleaning formula that has double the concentration than the normal cleaners? Go for Grip Clean | Hand Cleaner.

5. Permatex 25051 Fast Orange Hand Cleaner WipePermatex 25051 Fast Orange Hand Cleaner Wipe

The Permatex 25051 Fast Orange Hand Cleaner Wipe is a two-in-one cleaning wipe. It has two sides. The towel’s textured side is to remove harsh & stubborn dirt like grease, printer’s ink, concrete residue, sealants, and so on. The other side has a smooth surface that is most effective for normal cleaning. So, you can select the side of the wipe as per your requirement.

The cleaner does not use any harsh solvents that can damage your hand skin and keep your hands soft even after cleaning the stickiest dirt using the wipe’s textured side.


  • Super convenient
  • Dual purpose
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Soft on hands
  • No damage to the environment


  • Single wipe not sufficient for effective cleaning


The Permatex 25051 Fast Orange Hand Cleaner Wipe has two different sides for easy and harsh dirt. It makes it extremely convenient to use for multiple purpose hand cleaning.

6. Fast Orange 25419 Xtreme Fresh Scent ReviewFast Orange 25419 Xtreme Fresh Scent Review

The highly effective pumice lotion can remove the toughest of stains and stickiest grease and grimes quickly. Not only is the cleaner soft on your hands, but it also moisturizes them to keep them healthy & smooth.

Moreover, the formula used goes a step further and offers relief from the dry skin and irritation caused by the soil and dirt accumulated on your hands while working on a construction site. Besides, the unique conditioning formula ensures that the cleaner is equally safe for the environment. The eco-friendly cleaner does not use any petroleum products, including kerosene, and does not contain Phosphates. So, the formula is safe for the drainage system as well.

On application, the hand cleaner leaves a soothing scent on your clean hands, refreshing you after the all day long hard work at your job site.


  • Very effective cleaning
  • The soothing and refreshing scent
  • Special conditioning system
  • No kerosene and phosphate
  • Waterless composition


  • The pump is not very convenient to use


If you want a hand cleaner that can offer deep cleaning and condition your hands effectively, go with Fast Orange 25419.

7. Lava Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner with MoisturizersLava Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner with Moisturizers

Getting a hand cleaner that uses high-quality pumice received as the byproduct of volcanic activities is not easy. However, the Lava Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner brings s to you the unique hand cleaner and moisturizer. It provides deep cleaning to your hands while keeping them soft & smooth after the job site’s excessive hard work.

With Lava, the toughest of soils and dirt, grease and grimes, the paint and the tar stains flush out down the drain leaving your hands clean and soft. Moreover, using bio-renewable resources, the hand soap also offers a sustainable solution to your hands’ cleaning requirements in a unique way.


  • Pumice was received from the volcanic activity.
  • Super soft on hand
  • Effective moisturizing
  • Use bio-renewable resources
  • Effective cleaning


  • Excessively strong scent


One of the most effective hand cleaners, the Lava, removes the harshest of soil & dirt uniquely while leaving your hands soft and healthy.

8. Concentrated Magic 900181 Original Version Walnut Based Hand CleanerConcentrated Magic 900181 Original Version Walnut Based Hand Cleaner

Certain natural products can do wonders in cleaning the hands while bringing back their softness and health effects. The Concentrated Magic 900181 Original Version uses Walnut to perform this special task.

The hand cleaner has a highly concentrated formula and is a USDA certified product used in all industries, including the construction sites. It can offer very effective and deep cleaning by removing the harshest of grease, paint, and ink stains from your hands. Moreover, it also helps in eliminating cracks and drying of your skin through its skin conditioner.

The cleaner does not contain phosphates or perfumes and does not leave any greasy residue after the handwashing.


  • 100% natural
  • Special conditioners to enrich the skin
  • Pleasing citrus scent
  • USDA certified bio-based product
  • Eco-friendly


  • Needs hard scrubbing


If you want a proven formula for your hand cleaning problems, go for the USDA certified, bio-based all-natural Concentrated Magic 900181.

Hand Soaps and Hand Cleaners for Construction Workers Buying Guide

So, these were the top 8 best hands soaps and cleaners for the construction workers. We need to consider some important factors to select the best among them.

What to look for?

Let us determine the important aspects we should look for when buying the most suitable hand soap for our specific purposes.


The quality of any product depends on the ingredients used in its manufacturing, and hand soap for construction workers is no exception. Construction workers require special soap that should have ingredients that-

  • It can effectively remove stubborn soil, grease, grimes, paint, and tar, etc.
  • They are soft on the skin and do not damage it and cause irritation.
  • Are not harsh on the environment.
  • Do not have harsh solvents and toxins that can cause skin problems on prolonged use.


The fragrance has an important role to play in restoring your energies. After the whole day of hard work, you want to have your hand cleaner to be soft on your hands and want it to have a soothing fragrance. A pleasing scent will refresh you and leave you with a joyful feeling.

Many hand cleaners come with different types of scents. Some have a cool mint fragrance, while others have a citrus scent. Select the soap having your favorite fragrance.

Also, remember never to buy a hand cleaner with a powerful scent. Rather than providing you a soothing feeling, these soaps will cause more irritation. On top of that, you cannot get rid of the strong perfume as it will remain on your hands for a substantial duration.

Type of formula

You can look at this factor from multiple angles.

  • Hand cleaners effectively fulfill their basic objective of removing the required dirt without damaging the skin.
  • Some hand cleaners have ingredients like aloe, lanoline, or coconut oil. These cleaners act as skin moisturizers or conditioners.
  • Many hand soaps have an all-natural, organic, or bio-degradable formula. They are not only safe for you but also for the environment.

You can select the formula according to your requirements.

Final Words

With this, you would have realized that there are many excellent quality hand soaps and hand cleaners available for the construction workers. Each of the reviewed products has some or other unique features. You need to assess your specific requirements and select the most suitable hand cleaner among them.

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