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How To Hide a Gun Safe In Plain Sight?

Millions of Americans possess a gun for protection, hunting, or sport. Many of these owners have their weapons stored in a safe in the home. These safes are not just for hiding their prized possessions from burglars; they also protect the guns from curious children and younger family members. 

The safes are often hidden, so curious little fingers cannot easily guess the security code for opening them. But if such a weapon is kept at home, it needs to be secured somewhere so children cannot reach them.

You can hide a gun safe in plain sight under the bed closest to you even while asleep. Another option is inside your closet, which could be mixed and blended with your clothes. You can use the space behind a painting or inside a picture frame box. Another alternative is to build a secret compartment into an existing piece of furniture such as an entertainment center or even just an old dresser drawer.

This guide will go over the seven most straightforward techniques to pick the one that best suits your needs.

Why Would You Want to Hide a Gun Safe?

The gun safe is not one of the most attractive or well-designed items. Most likely, you do not want a large metal case taking up a lot of room. However, a gun safe is best utilized for safeguarding and concealing, so intruders are unaware that you have guns in the room.

When a burglar comes upon a gun safe, they want to smash it open and steal your valuables. Even if you have the most secure handgun safe, a robber will find a way to break it with enough time. However, if you have a well-hidden gun safe, assailants will not realize you have firearms at home.

If you have a tall standing safe that is open in plain sight, you may need to repair it. Likewise, your gun is secure, and its contents are vulnerable to theft if you do not act quickly. Thus, keeping your safe hidden is a priority to keep burglars from snatching your valuables.

What Is The Rule For Gun Storage Safety?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the most secure manner to store firearms is unloaded, locked, and separate from ammunition. Unfortunately, more than half of all gun owners keep at least one gun in a hazardous manner without locks or other safe storage precautions.

How To Hide a Gun Safe In Plain Sight?

How To Hide a Gun Safe In Plain Sight?

If you want to hide a gun safe, you need to make sure it blends in with your surroundings. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Location – The first thing you should do is choose where you want to hide your gun safe. The best place for this is probably in your bedroom or living room because these areas are the most likely to have people coming and going.
  • Measurement – Next, measure the size of your gun safe to know how big it will be when it’s open and closed up again after being hidden away in plain sight! Make sure that wherever you decide on putting it fits perfectly – otherwise, someone might notice something funny about your decorating style.
  • Simplicity – Keep things simple when choosing accessories for your safe, such as shelving or racks for storing ammo and handguns inside. These add-ons can make it easier for criminals who know what they’re doing to break into even hidden safes because they give them extra access points that aren’t visible from outside.

These are some ideas for how you can use everyday items in your home or office to hide your gun safe:

Under the Bed

If your bed is large enough to conceal the gun safe inside the mattress, hiding your gun safe inside the bed is ideal. First and foremost, you will have easy access to the apartment in an emergency. Second, it will be concealed from the view of an unknown individual.

Why Should I Choose An Under Bed Gun Safe Over A Traditional Gun Safe?

Underbed safes are easy to conceal and save a lot of room, whereas standard safes cannot be hidden from an unknown person. However, they also take up a lot of space and need time to access the unit.

In a Closet

When considering where to hide a gun safe, you should first look at your closet. Closets are a potential place for hiding things because people don’t typically go through them often, so they’re naturally less likely to be disturbed or opened. Also, if you have an old dresser that you never use anymore, this can be an excellent option for hiding your guns.

Inside The Gun Concealment Bench

Another great way to hide your gun safe inside a closet is by using a concealed shelf or box. This will allow you to keep all of your valuables out of sight while still keeping them close at hand when needed. If you choose this method of concealment, make sure that the door closes entirely before turning off lights or going to bed so that no one can see inside.

What Is A Gun Concealment Bench?

With storage for up to five long guns, the gun concealment bench is a clever method to keep your firearms. There is also a removable wood tray for handguns or other accessories. This elegant gunmetal gray poly-urethane bench is embroidered and has a lockable concealed gun compartment lined with soft fabric. 

In the Garage

gun safe hidden in the garage

A garage is an excellent place for storing things, from lawnmowers to children’s toys and guns. For example, you can easily hide a gun safe in plain sight by placing it on a shelf or under some toolboxes. 

Suppose you’re worried about burglars who might know how to break into safes. In that case, there’s no need to worry here—burglars don’t typically go through people’s garages looking for valuables, so they probably won’t even notice your safe is there.

Inside The Picture Frame Box

This method requires some crafty DIY skills, but it’s worth it if you want something that looks good and doesn’t take up much space. All you need is some plywood, sawdust glue, and paint.

You can then decorate the box however you like—we recommend using stencils and spray paint in bold colors such as red or turquoise—and then hang it on your wall with nails or screws so that it looks like part of the wall instead of an actual box hanging there.

In Your Office

You can hide a gun safe in plain sight in your office. The key is to make sure that the gun safe blends into the environment. For example, if your office has a lot of wood furniture, you want to find a gun safe that matches this style.

You may think that it’s not possible to hide a gun safe in plain sight in your office. After all, most offices are small spaces and don’t offer many places for concealment. But it’s pretty easy! Just stick your safe behind your desk—on the other side of the room from where people will be sitting—and nobody will notice it there.

In Your Bedroom

put your gun safe is under your bed

An excellent place to put your gun safe is under your bed so that no one will disturb it while you are sleeping or during the day when they are not at home. Keep in mind that some people have children who may play under their beds and could accidentally move the gun safe, which could cause injury if there were bullets inside of it.

Is the Bedroom the Best Place to Keep a Gun?

Storing your handgun safe and weapon in your bedroom will safeguard and make your gun as accessible as feasible when an intruder breaks in. For example, if you are sleeping and are awakened by the commotion, you can immediately leap out of bed, go to your safe, and retrieve your weapon.

In Your Pantry

Store your gun in an everyday item that will blend in with your kitchen decor. For example, a box of cereal or some cans of soup tucked away on the bottom shelf of your pantry can easily hide a gun safe. If you have an old backpack or duffel bag lying around, you might also be able to use that. Just make sure it’s not too big—you don’t want anyone seeing it through the window and becoming suspicious.

Underneath Furniture

If you have an old, wooden coffee table that you don’t use anymore, consider using it to hide a gun safe. You can open up the table and place the safe inside, then close it up and put it back. It’s adequately tiny enough that no one will notice it but large enough that it can hold your valuables. 

This is an excellent option because the furniture will cover up the safe and provide additional protection from potential burglars. Just make sure the weight of your desk or cabinet isn’t too heavy for its legs.

People Also Ask

Can I put a gun safe in my bedroom?

If you want to acquire a gun safe for your protection, a bedside or under-the-bed gun safe is an excellent choice because it keeps the firearms close to you when you are most vulnerable, in your bedroom. The bedroom gun safe allows you to place it wherever you like; however, I recommend having it close to your bed. 

If something unexpected occurs, you will be able to react swiftly if you are in bed. That is why I would recommend considering a bedside gun safe, under-bed gun safe, or even a gun safe hidden in the bed frame or headboard.

How do you hide a big safe?

You probably have a huge gun safe if you have a significant collection of firearms. It is critical to make your gun safe and challenging for intruders to access. Keeping your large gun safe within a cabinet is the simplest way to keep criminals out of your safe.

  • Your huge gun safe must be secured to a closet wall or floor.
  • You can put the vast gun safe in your walk-in closet and attach it to the wall or the floor.
  • Pour concrete walls and build a robust door around your gun safe to create secure storage.
  • You can conceal your huge gun safe beneath a study table inside your room.
  • Make a covered entrance behind your closet that you can stroll through.

What is the best way to keep a firearm secure when not in storage?

Even if the gun is not in your hands, you must consider safety. Install a California-approved firearms safety device, such as a trigger lock or cable lock, on the gun to prevent it from being shot. Unloaded, keep it in a secure receptacle, such as a California-approved lock box or a gun safe.


Choosing the best location to conceal your gun safe allows you to avoid burglary. Knowing how to hide a large gun safe is just as important. Placing a gun safe in a well-hidden and disguised location provides additional protection and safety. Keep in mind that your gun safe should only be accessible to you.

While there are numerous areas to conceal a gun safe, always prioritize your family’s safety. You should carefully consider keeping your gun safe and carefully hidden. The concealment of your gun safe aids in the prevention of burglars stealing your firearms and valuables.


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