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How To Open a Gun Safe Without the Key?

Opening a gun safe without the key is possible only if you have the right tools and know exactly what you are doing. You’d have to have at least some knowledge of lock-smithing to be able to open a gun safe without the key. Several different types of combination locks are used in gun safes, and they usually vary in their complexity.

When you are in a frustrating situation, the last thing you will want to do is find a key to open your gun safe. Fortunately, there are easy ways to open a gun safe without using the key.

We’ll walk through different ways that you can use to open your gun safe without a key. Continue reading to find out how each method works.

You can open a gun safe without a key by drilling into the lock, which requires time, tools, and patience. Another way is the prying technique, which unlocks the door from within. This method requires no drilling or sawing.

Your last resort would be to take your safety to a locksmith. Hiring a locksmith is a fantastic alternative if you are short on time or having difficulty doing it yourself.

How To Open a Gun Safe Without the Key?

If you’ve lost your gun safe key, or if it was stolen, don’t panic. The comforting news is that you can still open your gun safe without the key. The bad news is that unlocking a gun safe without a key is not easy and requires some knowledge.

There are many ways to open a gun safe without the key. If you own a gun safe, you need to know how to open it in case of emergency. It is essential to take precautions before you open your gun safe without its key to avoid any accidents.

1. Drilling The Locking Mechanism

Drilling The Locking Mechanism

Drilling is another tried and true approach. It is one of the most traditional and often used breaking into a gun safe. You have to drill the locking system to unlock the safe, which will not damage the entire unit; only the locking mechanism will be entirely ruined.

Now, position a drill machine at the locking plate and begin drilling until all of the screws detach, allowing the gun safe door to unlock. If your unit is an electric gun safe, make sure you don’t cut the electric cables while using a drill machine.

You will not be able to relock the door after successfully opening it because the screws are no longer functional. However, if you must use it, purchase a new one and secure the gun safe.

2. Prying Technique

Gun cabinets are not airtight, and there is minimal room for air intake to keep your guns dry. Therefore, to unlock the lock, you must first locate the hole or any other prying location where you may insert the rod that will break the lock on your door. The gun safe will suffer considerable damage as a result of this. Remember that after you’ve broken the locking mechanism, you won’t be able to use it again.

To employ the prying Technique, push up and down with a rod and prying hole until the lock mechanism breaks its hold. Using this strategy will offer you complete control over your actions, but there is a high risk of being attacked with spring power that appears in the lock mechanism.

Can You Pry A Gun Safe Open?

Prying is the simplest way to get access to a gun safe. However, if your gun safe is of poor quality, a crowbar and elbow grease will unlock it in minutes. In addition, smaller lock bolts and rivets that fasten gun safes to steel bars are easier to pull apart.

Prying is most effective when the safe door is oriented to the ceiling. If you’re dealing with a hidden floor secure, it’s already in the right place. This offers you the advantage of gravity while leveraging the door open. You will need at least one pry bar and multiple wedges.

3. Making Use of a Magnet

First, gather a magnet and a fabric cloth to grasp onto while attempting to unlock the door. Once you’ve successfully located your solenoids on both sides with a powerful magnet, the process becomes much more manageable. Keep in mind that most safe model solenoids are positioned on the rear of the locking mechanism.

Now, slide the magnets around until you feel metal on the other side of the gun safe box, which will make it easier to unlock the unit. You may easily reset the code without destroying the gun-safe locking mechanism when the lock is opened. However, after successfully opening the device, store the magnet in a secure location to avoid causing damage to any electrical equipment.

4. Making Use of a Wire Clip

It only works on classic gun safes that are not computerized or biometric. It is also the safest way and causes no damage to the safety box. However, you cannot rely on this strategy because there is a 50/50 probability that it will succeed.

Take a tiny wire and locate the hole in your gun safes. Make a hook on one end and enter it inside the unit, moving it horizontally, upwardly, or downwardly. While moving the wire, place your ear near the lock and listen for any sounds emanating from the locking mechanism.

5. Making Use of a Manual Override Key

Most gun safes have override keys if the owner forgets the combination. To open your safe put the manual override key into the keyhole on the rear of the safe. Keep your override key(s) in a safe place that you will remember.

What is a Gun Safe Override Key?

The key is used to overwrite the lock and open the safe. After utilizing the override key, it is advised that you reprogram the lock. To reprogram the code, press the button. For example, press the button to program a new combination key for the Winchester Gun Safe.

6. Changing a Combination Lock Key

Some gun safes include combination lock changing keys. Some manufacturers, however, choose not to have such a key, fearing that it may make your gun safe and vulnerable to theft.

Even if you’ve forgotten the correct code, you can access the contents of your gun safe using a combination lock change key. So again, keep your combination lock change key in a convenient yet secure location that you will remember.

7. Making Use of a Screwdriver or Knife

If the firm cannot assist you, carefully pick the lock’s keyhole with a screwdriver or knife. Insert a flat-head screwdriver into the keyhole. Turn the screwdriver counter-clockwise until you feel the lock start to open.

Insert the sharp tip into the keyhole and shake it gently if you’re using a knife. If successful, the lock may begin to turn within seconds.

8. Using a Chisel and a Hammer

Wood Chisel Set

Are you attempting to open a safe without the combination? You can open a digital safe using a chisel and hammer if you own one. First, insert the chisel into the safe’s corner. Then, to detach the keypad, carefully strike the end of the chisel with your hammer.

Under the digital keypad, you’ll notice knobs and screws, including a silver knob. Remove the knob with your chisel. You will then see a hole in the safe. Insert your finger into the hole and feel for the lower-right button. Then, click the button to open your safe.

9. Calling a Locksmith

If you can’t access your gun safe, don’t panic; you can get aid from a locksmith for a reasonable fee. Choose a competent locksmith who has experience unlocking any lock mechanism without damaging the gun safe.

You do not need to strike your safe with various instruments, and if you damage the lock mechanism while attempting to open it, it will be too late. They have several tools, such as a borescope, to detect vulnerabilities in your lock mechanism, allowing them to unlock the safety box without causing any damage.

What Exactly Is The Job Of A Locksmith?

A locksmith is a person who repairs locks on windows, doors, safes, and vehicles. They adjust, repair, install, and service various security locks. Anybody who has ever been locked out of their house, company, or vehicle understands the value of locksmith services.

The term is derived from the words lock and smith, derived from the Old English smi, which means “one who works with metal.”

People Also Ask

Can you break into a gun safe?

In general, you can break into a gun safe. So, if you’ve misplaced your gun safe key and don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of contacting your secure provider, you should be able to get into the safe.

Gun safes can indeed be broken into. Given time, any gun safe can be shattered, cut into, pried open, or otherwise opened. Therefore, when you buy a gun safe, you must understand that you are paying for time.

Can a locksmith open a gun safe?

Locksmiths can unlock safes if the combination has failed, the combination has been lost, the safe dial keypad has been unable, or the door linkage has broken. Locksmiths will utilize replacement components, dial manipulation, or drill bits to open a safe.

You should engage a professional if you want high-quality safes. Then, you’ll be able to protect your investment and continue to utilize the safe for many years after hiring a qualified safe locksmith.

Can you open a gun safe with a magnet?

Some gun safes can be opened with a magnet. Rare earth magnets, often constructed of neodymium, are available at hardware stores and online through vendors such as Amazon.

Just be aware that neodymium magnets are potent and can swiftly ruin your gadgets (literally, they’ll destroy a hard drive or phone virtually instantaneously) or even cause severe harm or death if not handled carefully.

How hard is it to break into a safe?

It’s pretty challenging to break into a safe.

Most safes are made of steel and are designed to be impenetrable. Unfortunately, they’re also cumbersome, so they can’t be moved or lifted out of place. If you want to open the safe, you’ll need the right tools.

The first thing you need to do is find out what kind of safe it is. There are several different types, and they all have other security measures that can make it more or less difficult to break into them.


All gun safes are not created equally. Some are made with minimal security, while others could probably withstand an armed robbery. That being the case, the security level of your particular model may impact your ability to open it without a key. 

Regardless, the more expensive gun safes do cost extra for a reason, so even if you can force your way in, you do so at your own risk.

Considering the difficulties you may face in cutting off the lock without damaging the safe, you are better off calling a locksmith to open the safe than trying this yourself. It is best to hire a professional locksmith in such cases because they know how to handle it effectively.


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