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Where To Put A Gun Safe In Your House?

A gun safe in the home is a precious storage container that holds many valuable items.

The proper placement of a gun safe is vital to serving its purpose adequately. For Instance, you can safely store metallic jewelry, essential documents, and guns away from outsiders and minors in the home.

The place to put the gun safe in the house should always be a safe and secure place where people’s approach is quite rare.

More than one ideal place in every home can be used as a gun-safe placement location. Below, we will discuss the optimum places to safely store the gun in the house.

Where Is the Best Place To Put a Safe In Your Home?

Fire is the leading risk that we encounter with gun safes. In addition, fires also pose a more significant threat to the safety and security of the gun safes. Fires can be of any type, which may spread and cause a disastrous issue.

Always place the gun safely away from the kitchen and fires; this is the general recommendation. The rooms near the kitchen may catch fire in case of any incident. Moreover, the rooms adjacent to the kitchen are more significant risk of fire so you must not choose them.

Likewise, the rooms above the kitchen can also burn and fall. Therefore, always choose a place that is safe from possible fire hazards.

The placement of gun safes in the garages is also not a good idea, as various chemicals are nearby. For Instance, the chemicals like paint thinners, lumber, lawnmowers, and greases of various types can catch fire. These chemicals are also highly explosive, and thus they can catch fire and burn everything nearby.

So which place is the safest in terms of placing the gun safe? The answer is a solid concrete room. In other words, any room with a concrete roof and flooring is the best location to place the gun safely. Similarly, as per the experiments, the safest place in the home is the first floor of the house. If the first floor is above the kitchen, you have to choose a place away from the kitchen. So that in case of any untoward incident, the gun safe will remain secure.

What To Consider When Choosing Your Location?

What To Consider When Choosing Your Location?

The extra humid atmosphere is a wreck for the gun safe. The rule is simple, which states that if the humidity is present inside the room, it means there is humidity inside the gun safe. Therefore, the room should be free from any humidity and moisture.

A basement is a suitable place for the placement of a gun safe. This choice is because the basements always contain an excellent concrete slab that provides a safe roof and helps combat moisture and humidity.

These basements are not the ideal areas to place the gun safe. Due to the absence of proper ventilation in most homes, the basements become moist and humid. In such cases, some good dehumidifiers can reduce the amount of humidity.

Why humidity and moisture are unwanted? These are not recommended because the moisture content contains a lot of volatile molecules that can cause rust to the firearms. The rusty firearms are of no use to their owners.

Basements are great locations for the storage of firearms, but there are still many downsides to the basements. The primary issue is that the basements become the victim of floods more than any other room in our house. If your home is located in a flood zone, never consider the basement your optimum placement area for the gun safe.

The following essential aspect is the weight of the gun safe. Mostly the gun safes are built with high-quality steel, which has an appreciable thickness. So, in turn, the weight of the box will also be very high. For this reason, you should avoid placing the safe gun box on a soft surface or roof because the roofs and soft surfaces may collapse in case of a hurricane or an earthquake.

Some localities are vulnerable to theft and burglaries. Therefore, you must be extra cautious if you reside in such areas. In such areas, the location to place the gun safe at home is to be chosen in a tricky way.

Firstly, we have to understand the way burglars manage to rob a house. They usually went to the bedrooms and living rooms which can be the potential location of the cash and metallic jewelry. In which rooms usually they go to find the valuable items.

the way burglars manage to rob a house

Moreover, they also go to the garage and office in case of any present in the house. Any room in approach from the front and back door can also become the victim of this type of attack. Similarly, the house’s most exposed and vulnerable room is the garage, often located on the front side or backside.

The primary way a thief usually acts is by using a car and a strong rope. If the gun safe is placed in our garage, the easiest way to pull away the gun safe is by using a car and yank away the gun safe. This whole activity is more manageable and takes a minimum of time to make the whole mischief.

There is some case in which it becomes vital to place the gun safe in the garage as the owner has no other choice. In this way, when it becomes urgent to place the gun safe in the home garage, use a set of solid bolts. So anchoring the gun safe makes it nearly impossible for any takeaway attempt.

In addition, you can make a substantial closet around the gun safe, which can also help avoid the burglary attempt. So the recommended place can also be a bedroom closet which can be least noticed by any intruder. But they usually search the wardrobe for any money or jewelry. Thus you can place the gun safe in the basement of your house, provided that you are meeting the above criterion. Furthermore, the thieves generally ignore the basements as their priority is to make a quick search of the first floor, take anything precious with them, and leave the house as soon as possible.

Guns are the most lethal weapons, and they need to be stored adequately. Therefore it is required to place the gun safe at a safe spot away. If the guns that are owned by you fall into the wrong hand, then you will be held responsible for this negligence.

If you keep these firearms safely in a gun safe, you will have peace of mind that your weapons are secured. Similarly, if you keep this gun safe in a safe place, you will have extra comfort that no one can reach your valuables without your consent or approval.

Should I Add More Protection To My Safe?

The advanced burglar techniques can now make a breakthrough in the gun safe. Thus, it becomes necessary to be equipped and to make the counter-strategies. To discourage the unauthorized movement of the gun safe difficult from place to place, it is recommended to anchor the gun safe with solid bolts.

In this way, the gun safe will not only remain safe from unauthorized moving attempts, but also it will remain in a stable form.

Another experienced trick is related to the door of the safe. You can place the safe alongside the wall; always try to place it so that the door opens against the wall. In this way, the mischief-makers cannot lift the door as they do not have enough control.

You can build a hole in the wall and place the gun safe inside it to make the additional protection. This whole and the other door will create a solid protective barrier for the gun safe. It is challenging for the burglars to cut the sides of the wall or the top linter. Thus it is difficult for them to use their cutting tools.

Should I Hide My Gun Safe?

Yes, it is good to hide the gun safe as it is not a good practice to display the firearms. Other than the family-like housekeepers, any people inside the house may fall prey to greed and attempt a break-in.

Thus, it is good to hide the gun safe from workers and housekeepers. Another good way is to hide the gun safe in your bedroom, living room, or office by blocking the entrance to that room. In this way, any unwanted people cannot approach the safe gun room without your consent. Moreover, the gun safe room is not open to everybody when you are not at home.

People Also Ask

Where is the safest place to hide a gun?

You can hide your guns inside an empty box in the kitchen. Some hanging rugs can be used as covers for a gun. Moreover, a closet that is not in use or a bathroom cupboard can be used to hide a gun.

Where do burglars look first?

When we enter or leave the house, many people stalk our house. This garage is the place that is mainly hit at first by the robbers. If someone is going to make a planned attack on your house, he will first hit the garage because it is the most exposed room. Moreover, the garage doors are not very robust, and they can open and close very quickly. Thus, the garages are the softest targets of our homes.


Consequent to the discussion, we have learned many ideas to safely place the gun safe in our home so that it is not accessed by unwanted personnel.

Many locations can be used as a safe spot for the gun safe. For Instance, the room that is rarely used and has wooden cabinets can be used as a perfect place for hiding the gun safe. Many locations should be avoided when we place the gun safely, including the proximity of potential fire and explosive chemicals.

When choosing the room for the gun safe, it must be away from the kitchen as any unwanted spreading fire may catch the gun safe. Also, the garages are not the best place for hiding the gun safe as they are most exposed. When choosing the garage, the gun safe should be anchored appropriately.

A basement is the most viable option for safe gun placement. Since they are likely to be ignored by the burglars. But if there are chances of humidity and floods, then it is better to use the first floor as a home for your gun safe.

Finally, it is essential to keep in mind the modern techniques used by burglars. Thus concealing the gun safe in the wall is also a good idea.


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